Chiller Night Theater is a hosted horror show which features horror & science fiction movies from the golden age of horror and schlock films.  

Hosted horror programs are an American tradition which began in the 1950's.  A horror movie is featured, hosted by a ghoulish narrator who lends commentary and perhaps performs various skits throughout the film.  The host may be creepy or comedic, or, ideally, both!  The idea even spilled over into the comic books at the time, inspiring the famous EC Comics such as "Tales From The Crypt" & "Vault of Horror".

The hosted horror show is not necessarily about the quality of the movie as much as it is the "experience".  Besides, who could really compete with the massive influx and instant availability of horror movies, such as on Netflix and so forth, these days?  The program is usually aired on a Saturday night (which Jack Shadow refers to as
MONSTER MOVIE SATURDAY NIGHT) and is a kind of visual "ghost story" that unfolds before you. 

So fans of horror, schlock, fun and fright - gather 'round on this Chiller Night!  Turn those lights down low, pull that blanket up around you tight and get ready for B-rated monster movie madness with CHILLER NIGHT THEATER!